• Scotland Forever 1881 by Lady Butler

  • Kilkenny Castle Early 19th c. by Henry O'Neill

Butler Society Rally in Canada rescheduled to 2022

With considerable uncertainty and concerns in the world right now, we really had no option but to reschedule the Canadian Rally 2020 in Niagara-on-the-Lake (NOTL), Ontario.

Provisional dates for the Canadian Rally are Thursday 4th August to Sunday 7th August 2022. A local steering group in NOTL has put together a superb schedule of activities for the Rally - we're pushing everything back to 2022 so none of the tremendous efforts will be wasted. We'll be further enhancing our efforts and look forward to a very memorable and enjoyable experience in 2022. A dedicated information page for the NOTL Rally 2022 will be uploaded to the Butler Society website soon. Our grateful thanks to Ruaraidh Butler and his excellent team on the ground in NOTL. We'll be including a presentation on the NOTL Rally 2022 at the Triennial Rally at Kilkenny Castle in August 2021.

These are tough days, but we all need something to look forward to. I encourage you to start thinking about Kilkenny next year and Niagara-on-the-Lake in 2022. For now, stay calm, stay safe and stay informed.
Take good care.

Butler Aboo, Richard, The Lord Dunboyne.

The Butler Society


To preserve the records of our family, its manuscripts, its history and still living traditions.


To bring together the scattered branches of the Butlers and their kindred to renew old ties that are in danger of breaking.


Establish in Kilkenny a focal point of friendliness and family lore and to arrange reunions, during which, for a few days, the ties of blood and family tradition will count more than the national and political differences, which inevitably divide us.