Scotland Forever

1881 by Lady Butler

Kilkenny Castle

Early 19thc. by Henry O’Neill

Butler Society Gathering in Kilkenny,
Wednesday 28th August to Sunday 1st September 2024

The Committee of The Butler Society looks forward to hosting our 2024 Gathering event at Kilkenny Castle with day visits to places of Butler Family interest in Kilkenny and environs. It is going to be a very special and memorable experience. All the more so as this is the resumption of our traditional Triennial Gathering, the last such was in 2015 at Kilkenny Castle. That’s almost 9 years ago!  In 2017, we celebrated our Golden Jubilee in a shorter, though nonetheless significant, celebration at Kilkenny Castle.

Sold Out – Sign up to the waiting list using the link below for back-up tickets.

Looking back through the mists of the pandemic, we recognize, in addition to the specific events mentioned here, that there were other events in the prelude to the pandemic.

In 2017, our German Branch hosted an excellent Gathering. In 2018 we held our most recent Triennial Gathering in London, England. In 2022The Southern Cross Branch took the brave first step following the immense challenges presented by the pandemic, with their excellent Gathering event in Melbourne, Australia. And in 2023, the USACanada came together with the first officially named Butler Society Gathering event in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada – and it was a great success!

The dates of the much anticipated Triennial Gathering of the Butler Society in Kilkenny are Wednesday 28th August to Sunday 1st September 2024.

Please also check in on our FaceBook Group as more information will be available there also.

We hope to see you and your family in Kilkenny in August!

Take good care,

The Committee of The Butler Society.

The Butler Society


To preserve the records of our family, its manuscripts, its history and still living traditions.


To bring together the scattered branches of the Butlers and their kindred to renew old ties that are in danger of breaking.


Establish in Kilkenny a focal point of friendliness and family lore and to arrange reunions, during which, for a few days, the ties of blood and family tradition will count more than the national and political differences, which inevitably divide us.