About The Butler Society

News of Castle Hand Over
The launching of the Butler Society in 1967 coincided with the handing over of the Kilkenny Castle to the town of Kilkenny by Arthur Butler, the 6th Marquess of Ormonde and the 30th Chief Butler of Ireland. Kilkenny Castle had been the ancestral home of the Ormonde Butlers since 1391.

The Butler Society was founded to:


Bring together the scattered branches of the Butlers and their kindred to renew old ties that – in part due to the pace of modern life – are in danger of breaking.


Preserve the records of our family, its manuscripts, history and still living traditions.


Establish in Kilkenny and wherever Butlers gather, a spirit of friendliness, family lore and reunion, during which, for a few days, the ties of blood and family tradition count more than the national and political differences, which inevitably divide us.

The Butler Society Committee

The Butler Society is not a professional organization on any level. Run on a shoestring by volunteers, the Society aims to connect, preserve and unite members of the Butler Society.

We help individuals with their research by facilitating networking between members and maintaining a clearing system for information. We organize and support the organization of meetings of the membership. We welcome support, ideas and new initiatives from existing and recent members alike. As with any organization or activity of this type, one tends to get out as much as one puts in.

The Butler Society Committee meets quarterly in Kilkenny Castle (or via phone or Zoom) and members of the current Committee are listed below with the areas of focus. We are highly responsive and eager to engage but please keep in mind that we participate on a volunteer basis.




2000 Sir Richard Butler, Bart. (Ireland)


1994 David J. Butler M.B.E (Spain)

1997 Horst von Buttlar (Germany)

2000 Count Patrick de Butler (France)

2006 Roger Butler, O.A.M. (Australia)

2006 Sheryn Shadbolt (New Zealand)

2009 The Viscount Mountgarret (England)

2012 Abigail Butler (Australia)

2012 The Earl of Carrick (England)

2012 Craig L. Foster (USA)

2015 Colm Butler (Ireland)

2015 Nicola Toler-Aylward (Ireland)

2021 Ruaraidh Butler (Canada)


The President and Vice-Presidents (ex officio)

Chair & Hon. Journal Editor: Dr David J. Butler

Vice-Chairmen: Richard, Lord Dunboyne; Mark Reade

Hon. Treasurer: Christy Upton, FCA

Hon. Secretariat:

Events – Turtle Bunbury; Suzanna Crampton; Dr Lawrence Butler Perks; Tim Sweetman

Meetings – Dr David J. Butler; Mylene English

Membership – Ruaraidh Butler; Mark Reade; Christy Upton

Research & Publications – Turtle Bunbury; Dr David J. Butler; Craig Foster; John Kirwan; Lawrence Butler Perks; Mark Reade

Social Media & Outreach – Ruaraidh Butler; Thomas Crampton; Mylene English.

Newsletter Coordinator – Mark Reade

Ladies of Llangollen: Lady Eleanor Butler and her friend Ms. Sara Ponsonby.
Lord & Lady Ormonde amongst guests at Sandringham in 1902
The Kaiser was the chief guest